The Abduction of Adrienne Berg by Cheri Krueger / Thriller

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Feb 23 2024 • 19 mins

Continuing with Thriller Week!

Author Cheri Krueger has written a wildly different kind of thriller and we're all here for it. Check us out as we discussed her recent publication The Abduction of Adrienne Berg and her writing journey.

About the book:

Restless housewife Adrienne meets charismatic pilot Gabriel and feels an instant primal attraction. When Gabriel abducts her and steals millions from her embezzling husband, she should be afraid, but street-survivor Adrienne thrills to the rush. Feeling betrayed by her husband's secrets, she turns from hostage to accomplice.

Gabriel's firm commitment to another woman is simply one more obstacle for Adrienne to overcome.

In a chaotic hunt from the suburbs of San Francisco across the hostile badlands of Mexico, their pursuers find more questions than answers, people die, and the lines between the good guys and the bad guys blur. Adrienne is determined to reach the paradise Gabriel has promised, and she'll do whatever it takes to get her happy ending.

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