Ten Years by Pernille Hughes / Romance

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Feb 13 2024 • 24 mins

Welcome to Romance Week!

Author Pernille Hughes discusses what makes a great romance as well as her writing journey for her third novel Ten Years.  Don't miss the realistic look at writing a romance as well as the reader's expectations!

About the book:

They’re perfect for each other
They just don’t know it yet

Becca and Charlie have known each other for years – ever since they met at university.

And for every one of those years, they’ve bickered, argued, offended, mocked and generally rubbed each other up the wrong way.

Until now. Until Ally’s bucket list. The death of their loved one should mean Becca and Charlie can go their separate ways and not look back. But completing the list is something neither Charlie nor Becca can walk away from.
And sometimes, those who bring out the worst in you, also bring out the very best…

Over the course of ten years, Becca and Charlie’s paths collide as they deal with grief, love and life after Ally. Not since Emma and Dex in One Day and Will and Lou in Me Before You will you root for a couple as much.

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