#5 My 5 Key PCOS Strategies

The PCOS Oracle Podcast

Apr 30 2018 • 17 mins

Diet and lifestyle must be changed when looking to take back control from PCOS. Find out what the 5 Key PCOS Strategies are.


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I talk a lot about getting to the root cause of your PCOS on this podcast and hormonal testing is one of the most important ways of understanding your condition. Without testing your hormones, it is very difficult to know what type of PCOS you have. Now, many women do not get the PCOS testing they need, whether it is because they're healthcare provider is not very supportive or because they purely do not have the time to visit their doctor. That is why I am excited to announce a new partnership with Let's Get Checked!

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So the way it works is super simple, you choose a test kit online, Let's get checked then delivers it to you in discreet packaging, with next day delivery. You then activate your test, collect your sample in the morning and return it using the prepaid shipping label provided. From there Lets Get Checked reviews your sample in their lab and shares your results with you, via your secure online account within 2 to 5 days. It is super quick, seamless and your results are confidential. Once your results are available, they will be reviewed by a physician. A nurse will then contact you for a consultation over-the-phone. Finally, in some cases, the physician will provide prescriptions for you to the pharmacy of your choosing. I believe everyone should have access to hormone testing and Let's Get Checked makes that possible. It's never been this simple to stay on top of your hormonal health! Check out Let's Get Checked today.

Visit trylgc.com/pcos and use the code 'PCOS20' for 20% off.

Your health should never take a backseat!


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