Special Encore Presentation: Nature's Powerful Ability To Heal

Voices for Healing

May 19 2014 • 54 mins

What is it about being on a beach that nourishes our hearts and minds? How does a walk in the woods nurture and refresh? What do we lose when we are indoors and disconnected from the natural world? We will discuss these questions and more with guest Dr. Eva Selhub, the co-author, with Alan Logan, ND, of Genuine Health: Your Brain on Nature. Dr Eva will share research about nature’s ability to heal and discuss how lack of connection with nature is detrimental to our health. She will share the nature-nurture connection and how being in nature gives us positive stimulation much like what happens when we are in love. You know the wonder of seeing a beautiful blue sky, hearing chirping birds, and breathing in fresh outdoor air. Come get the scoop on how crucial nature is to our health and healing.

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