Hold the Line

Jo Laurens

THE podcast for force-free gundog training! Hold the Line is committed to helping you to train your dog to an advanced level, using motivational methods and without the use of fear. Or pain. Or anything else nasty.
Episode 64 - the turn whistle, left or right back casts and a couple of myths getting bustedEpisode 63 - making things realEpisode 62 - the Remote StopEpisode 61 - Adolescence and what to do about itEpisode 60 - gun-shyness and puppies loose aboot the hooseEpisode 59 - interview with Hannah Woods and Ian Clark about StabyhounsEpisode 58 - developing reinforcers *before* contact with game and problem-solving changes in enthusiasmEpisode 57 - attachment theory and puppies; preventing resource guarding; and raising a pup with strong hunting instinctsEpisode 56 - what does 'not walking the dog' look like? Can I play tug with a gundog? How do I get my dog not to visit the dummy thrower on marks?Episode 55 - crate training a puppy, taking 'walks' versus training and how to train the turn whistle (cont)Episode 54 - positive interrupters, do they inadvertently reinforce unwanted behaviour? And some thoughts about food motivationEpisode 53 - questions about shot, marked retrieves, and dealing with male dogs that want to pee on everythingEpisode 52 - introducing your dog to shot and gundog training for vegetariansEpisode 51 - Why not to introduce your little puppy to live birds and why instead you should develop alternative reinforcersEpisode 50 - listener questions and equipment recommendationsEpisode 49 - introducing Steady! (my new course)Episode 48 - swapping and 3HC (3 handed casting)Episode 47 - Interview with Penney Baker (about using the Pet Tutor for retrieving drills)Episode 46 - the Workbook is here!Episode 45 - interview with Josephine Lock