Staff+ ambitions: Top tips for landing your IC leadership job (with Alice Rum, Dmitry Belyaev and Tomáš Růžička)

Engineering Leadership Podcast

May 18 2023 • 43 mins

Our third episode of Season 2 was a special live recording from this year’s WebExpo conference in Prague, where we discussed what it takes to become a Staff+ Engineer. We sat down with a trio of experts in the field – Alice Rum, Staff Software Engineer at SentinelOne, Dmitry Belyaev, Principal Frontend Engineer at, and Tomáš Růžička, Staff Engineer at Productboard – to get their insights and advice on how to advance in today’s fast-paced tech environment.

The talk is geared toward those looking to take a step up the career ladder or simply to better understand the day-to-day of Staff+ Engineers. The panelists explain the skills and traits needed to be successful in this role, including technical expertise, leadership, and communication skills, as well as what kinds of projects will help you land that golden promotion. In addition to sharing their own career journeys, Alice, Dmitry, and Tomáš also highlight the books, podcasts and social media they turn to for the latest tech and engineering leadership trends.

After listening to the episode, be sure to read the reading and listening recommendations from our guests:



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