Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin


Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host. read less

Our Editor's Take

Alec Baldwin has hosted the Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin podcast since 2011. Baldwin, who starred in films like The Departed and It's Complicated, is a talented actor. He can excel at both comedy and drama—and at podcasts, too. And he still has a lot to say, even after many episodes. Baldwin brings his passion for good conversation and his intensity to his podcast. He also has a deep and intense curiosity about the world around him. And decades in the public eye have given him the ability to talk to anyone. Listeners get his views on Hollywood, politics, music, and the media.

Baldwin knows how it feels to be on the hot seat. He also knows how to put others at ease. The star uses his own interview history to guide insightful dialogue with his guests. But these are no ordinary interviews on Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. He chats with some of the most accomplished and successful artists today. He interviews a diverse range of talent and his humor keeps the show fresh and lively.

Baldwin visits with his guests to create authentic and inviting conversations. Listeners can get a better understanding of some of the biggest stars, like Billy Joel, Tina Brown, Nick Offerman, and Lorne Michaels. Other past guests include Bernie Sanders, David Brooks, Kristen Bell, and many more. Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin has both positivity and superb entertainment. The audience hears Baldwin build genuine connections with his guests.

The podcast has both poignant stories and heartwarming anecdotes. Listeners hear how David Sedaris found his craft. They learn what it's like for chef Eric Ripert to have three Michelin stars. With a multi-award-winning comedic actor hosting, the podcast is amusing. But it's also smart, too. Baldwin's charm may pique the listener's interest. The way he engages with his range of celebrities and storytellers is what keeps fans coming back. With a new Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin episode released each week, it's easy to stay updated with this captivating series.

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