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Welcome to Readscast; our home-brewed series of Reads and Reads-related audio journeys. In it, you'll find many unreleased tracks, remixes, collaborations, demos, experiments and general silliness. It's a glimpse at the sort of things we get up to when we're not playing live or in the studio. It's taken us a while to put this together from our archives and we really hope you enjoy it. If so, please tell your friends! Much love, The Reads. FOOTNOTE: In case you didn’t know, The Reads are a band of ambient-electro-folk-rockers and perennial underachievers. For more info, head to

Readscast 1
May 18 2022
Readscast 1
Welcome to Readscast; our home-brewed series of Reads and Reads-related audio journeys.Here's what's happening in Episode 1...00:00 – 00:45 INTRO -Environmental sounds recorded at Common Farm, Waverton, where we practice. 00:45 – 04:33 SCHNITZLER (Deadly Avenger Remix) -We overlooked this at the time as we were right in the middle of the chaos of promoting our 2nd album 'Lost at Sea'. We forgot all about it until we delved back into 'the vaults' for this Readscast. It's a real gem. Very dynamic and the arrangement adds real drama. Thanks very much Deadly Avenger! We're sorry it took such a long time to get this out there. 04:33 – 08:49 LIES -This song was written by Matty and he also plays the acoustic guitar on this recording. Freshly pilfered from his previous band, Ethergy, this was one of the very first things we did with him. It's all recorded live in one take (rare for us) in Marcy's old flat. We set up some mics and pointed them outside the windows to record the sounds of the car park, shops and dogs barking below. Oh yeah, listen out for Stu's sneeze at the end. He was full of the hay fever. 08:49 – 12:46 COUNTING YOUR GREYS (BBC Radio Wales Live Session 10/01/13) -We just thought this had a nice alternate stripped-down vibe to the original. Matty's acoustic cymbals nicely augmented by electronic drum pads. 12:46 – 17:18 HOLDING OUT -Clare gave Jamie the separate tracks of a demo she had been working on (a little bit of this can be heard on the intro when the radio tunes into it) Jamie decided to just use Clare's vocal track and to build a new piece around it.  Marcy joined in a bit later to add a few keyboard twinkles and additional sound design assistance. 17:18 – 29:16 INTERVISION -This is one of many late-night sessions Jamie and Marcy would do at the farm after band practice was over. A long ambient epic written exclusively for this Readscast. It features some additional subtle percussion from Matty and environmental sounds recorded in the local Northgate Arena swimming pool. 29:16 – End OUTRO -This is from the outro to a track called 'Swarm'. It was a collaboration with Deadly Avenger which for one reason or another never really worked out. So, we nicked the end of it (which was all us). Finally, after the roll-call we end with the sounds of Common Farm again.