The Truth Will Not Be Silenced


The Truth Will Not Be Silenced is a weekly podcast that discusses and has conversations about real experiences, personal and professional, that encourages, inspires, motivates, uplifts, and helps people. People from all walks of life share their stories. Stories that need to be shared, seen, and heard that makes us human. To Be Seen. To Be Heard. To Be Human.

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Our Editor's Take

The Truth Will Not Be Silenced podcast gives people of color a place to share experiences. Host Melissa Woodforlk-Whyte offers her guests the opportunity to talk openly. Honest conversations around race, identity, and challenges result. According to Melissa, the show is a safe space to discuss difficult topics. People may find it hard to have open discussions about racism. Melissa shares her purpose isn't to preach or settle historical scores. Instead, she wants honest conversations. To her, this can lead to acceptance and peaceful co-existence.

Melissa is an author, instructional specialist, and business owner. She has degrees from Howard University and the University of Southern California. The host also obtained a Harvard School Management and Leadership Certificate. Melissa published My Education: Authentic Teaching in 2023. My Journey: Teaching and Living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is another of her published works. She started The Truth Will Not Be Silenced podcast in 2022.

The podcast's diverse topics and guests keep it interesting. Melissa leads the show with a confident and self-assured tone. Melissa's open manner is likely why her guests share authentic and relatable stories. Guests on the show include authors, educationists, historians, doctors, and activists.

Guest Christopher LeBel discusses growing up as a biracial person. In their discussion, Christopher describes how a white teacher stood up for him. He also shares how he experienced racial bias from a school principal. The principal came into the classroom and singled him out. However, his teacher and the other students said he wasn't causing issues in the class. Melissa speaks up, too, saying that his experience was commonplace in American classrooms.

The Truth Will Not Be Silenced is remarkable because of the shared stories. The tales show courage, grit, hope, and commonality of the human experience. The podcast may appeal to people interested in society and race.

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