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Unknown Knights
Apr 5 2024
Unknown Knights
◼︎ Calling all pixel enthusiasts!Gather around and join forces in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG, where you'll find a world full of valiant knights, powerful weapons, and endless fun! Don't wait any longer; join our Knightley pixel squad today!◼︎ Attention all collectors!You won’t want to miss out on the incredible character collection and growth opportunities in Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG! From mighty Warriors to stealthy Assassins, don't miss out on collecting these pixel characters. Assemble your team of knights and prepare for battle - once you taste victory, you'll be hooked on collecting even more!◼︎ Ready for a fresh and exciting gaming experience?With an incredible range of pixel knights with unique occupations, you'll enjoy the joy of collecting and discovering your perfect knight. Don't forget to strike a pose when you achieve victory - each pixel character has its own signature move that adds to the fun and excitement of the game!◼︎ Delve into a world of sweetness and never-ending rewards!Treat yourself to a huge pile of daily bonuses and exclusive events. Don't miss out on the sugary goodness that awaits you!◼︎ Ready to upgrade your skills? Let's get started!Collect exclusive knight weapons and become the ultimate Unknown Knight! With powerful skills and endless growth, you'll be unstoppable!◼︎ Gather items for the battle!Enter 'Knight's territory' and collect battle items for victory. Don't forget to check out all places, including Knight's castle, training grounds, gold mines, and more!◼︎ Activate synergy effect!Create your own unique 'Battle Deck Strategy' and customize it to your liking! If you and your pixel knight want to grow even stronger, combine characters from the same position. You can even double or triple the skill effects by doing so!◼︎ No time to hang out?Spend your time with friends and family in Unknown Knights! Collect pixel knights and enjoy PvP mode with your friends and PvE mode to chillax!Test your limits and become the legend of Unknown Knights: Pixel RPG! Hop on to the world filled with infinite growth and boundless rewards!Play: freebies:
Pixel Heroes
Mar 15 2024
Pixel Heroes
Vintage pixels, exquisite illustrationsThe game adopts a retro pixel art style, unique among today's idle games, providing an exhilarating and nostalgic combat experience. Outside of most pixel scenes, each character has delicate 2D illustrations with an anime style. In story dialogues, illustrations are presented in Live2D form, combining exquisite visuals with pixel art style for greater visual impact and appeal.Rich gameplay, casual and dedicatedIntegrating traditional idle gameplay—battle, collection, and cultivation! Built-in idle experience collection allows you to continue collecting experience materials and equipment even when offline. For players seeking a deeper experience, various rich gameplay systems and fun mini-games in the River of Forgetfulness, Eternal Throne, Endless Sea, and more offer ever-changing enjoyment. In short, all kinds of gameplay are available, play casually without forcing microtransactions, and enjoy freedom and happiness at will.Passionate battles, pinnacle competitionBoss battles, cross-server battles, various competitive dungeons, and honor rankings—here, you can form your own guild, make friends from all over the world, and leave your mark on the Emond Continent!Deep storyline, top voice actorsA top-notch voice actor team passionately voices the game characters, perfectly presenting their personalities and the grand storyline. The 300,000-word main plot depicts the rise and fall of the floating continent, complemented by a novel of the same name. From the perspective of a third party, witness the legend of "You" from an unknown person to a world-renowned hero! Strong immersion allows you to enjoy yourself both online and offline!Exciting Rewards Await!Log in for your daily dose of 10 hero summons and embark on a year-long adventure of endless rewards! Attain VIP status, acquire five-star heroes, and more. Craft a top-notch lineup without spending a penny. What's more, invite friends for astounding rewards, ensuring a truly immersive and casual experience in this Idle RPG!Play: Codes: