The Security Box, podcast 106: What Is Pig Butchering when it comes to the Cybersecurity Field?

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Aug 4 2022 • 3 hrs 23 mins

Welcome to podcast 106 of the Security Box. No, we're not covering animals, but there is a new term called Pig Butchering that is now out there. According to the article, it seems to be covering a lot of varying scams which may include Crypto, romance, and investment just to name a few. Don't let me tell you about it in the show notes, the article is titled Massive Losses Define Epidemic of ‘Pig Butchering’ and it comes from our buddy Brian Krebs. Besides that, we'll go through the blog, we'll see what other things participents want covered, and maybe we'll answer any questions that might come across. Thanks so much for listening and make it a great day!