The Security Box, podcast 107: Fileless Malware, what is it, how can it get on the computer and what is this Gootkit loader have to do with it?

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Aug 11 2022 • 2 hrs 51 mins

Welcome to program 107 of the Security box series. On this edtion, we're going to talk about something not too many people know about. Its called Gootkit Loader’s and they can be very dangerous. These can contain something called fileless malware which makes detecting them harder. Trend Micro has talked about fileless malware before, and you can put in fileless malware plus adding trend micro to find postings covering this topic. The article we're going to cover on podcast 107 is titled Gootkit Loader’s Updated Tactics and Fileless Delivery of Cobalt Strike and it does come from Trend Micro. I hope that you enjoy this discussion, because it can affect you if you don't know the signs of what to look for as it can come in many forms including email. Besides this, we'll see what people in clubhouse or the list want to talk about, and we'll go through news and other things posted as well. Thanks for listening and make it a great day!

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