The Security box, podcast 117: DKIM is finally discussed as well as news notes EMHS development and more

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Oct 19 2022 • 2 hrs 29 mins

Hello folks, welcome to the Security Box. On today's program, besides talking about the beta of EMHS which is still in development, we finally touch on something I tried to cover in earlier podcasts. What is that, you say? That's DomainKeys Identified Mail otherwise known as DKIM. We've been needing to cover this for quite awhile, but I'm not familiar if whether we did, and while other topics we've covered on NCSAM this year we've covered in the past, this one I don't think we did. We also cover the news from the blog and other things on participents minds. I hope that you enjoy the program as much as I have bringing it together for you, and thanks so much for listening! We can't do the show without you.

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