The Security box, podcast 122: EBT cards and the disabled

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Nov 30 2022 • 2 hrs 41 mins

Hello everyone, welcome to the Security Box. We did get a callin that we didn't know wanted to call in to let us know some things, but we got it all working out. This may affect may different people and we hope that this is a learning experience for you. Please stay safe. Welcome to the Security Box, podcast 122. On this podcast, we will be covering some news that came out of Freshbooks on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. We'll also be covering Card Skimming and how it disproportionately is a disadvantage to people who use EBT cards. We'll also have plenty of news and notes from around the landscape and we'll also see what else people want to talk about as we return from our Thanksgiving break.


As we blogged on November 23, 2022, Freshbooks became victim to Phishing. The company itself did not get phished, but people who are customers and non-customers were hitting Freshbooks's Twitter asking if emails were real or not. Freshbooks reports that these emails are fake, and said that emails come from or any of its properties and not from anywhere else.
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On November 29, 2022, they indicated to the JRN that while there was no incident, the phishing uses other domains that is outside of Freshbooks itself. They linked to an FAQ titled What Emails Are Sent Out of My Account? Please read this FAQ if you're a freshbooks customer or get email from them as a customer of someone who pays to send invoices.

EBT cards are now a target

In our main topic, we're going to talk about EBT cards and what is happening with them. We also learn that there's a lawsuit to get states to actually do something if something goes wrong. You'll understand why as the discussion is done. Here are the articles: We thank each and every one of you for listening, participating and most of all, reading the blog. Without your participation and listenership, this program wouldn't be what I'm trying to make it. Remember to check out email host security which is a site that'll help you navigate the Phishing landscape. This site is sponsored by the Jared Rimer Network and I hope people will learn what it is about, check out the companies and resources and of course the terms. Starting with this podcast, the podcast is commercial free thanks to a donor through the JRN. If you'd like to donate, go over to our donations page where there is a Paypal button and links available to use to donate one time. If you want to make a monthly donation using a credit card, let me know and we can make that work. We thank you!