157. Coming Back to Yourself With Simran Sondhi

That Projector Life

Oct 5 2022 • 51 mins

In this episode, I'm joined by Splenic Projector Simran Sondhi, a self-described Bridge who connects people with the path they were born to follow. Of course, we explore all things related to that Projector life and allow the conversation to flow where it will.

We hear how Simran found Human Design and how she's worked with the system - including how her work with it has changed as she's learned and experimented. Simran also shares about her experience in the corporate world as a non-energy Projector with lots of Individual energy - and how she's used that to her advantage in her current business.

We also explore how Simran works with her clients by blending Human Design with other modalities as well as her unique approach to readings and understanding charts. I had such a delightful time chatting with her, and I hope that this episode brings you joy and ah-has. I know I had some while we were talking.

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