Sexual Connection : Keeping the Intimacy Alive!

Mum Space Summit

Nov 2 2020 • 1 hr 4 mins

"How do I regain the** Intimacy** in My Marriage after 3 years of co-sleeping?" ??? "Junia, I don't feel like having sex, but I know it MATTERS.." ?? We rarely talk about Intimacy in the marriage because we think it's TOO PRIVATE or maybe it's because we're CONSERVATIVE? ?? Yet, 15% of married couples are in Sexless Marriage.. ?? Our intimacy panel delights with Cindy Leong (relationship expert), Dr Jess (specializes in women health) & Andrea (intimacy coach) covering their areas of specialization as we answer the REAL questions ??? Pain of penetration? That's "vaginismus". ?? We debunk other Myths and misconceptions because a happy marriage sets the Right Foundation for our kids to have a happy childhood.. ??