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Discovering underground artistes and their styles of music. We discuss production quality, lyricism and musical arrangement. We have also recently touched on aspects of music business, marketing, strategic development, and making social media more of a prominent tool for artistes.

FTMP S4 E9 ft. ADVOKIT Productions
Mar 11 2022
FTMP S4 E9 ft. ADVOKIT Productions
The legendarious (our own word)  Kit Israel of Advokit Productions......YES that Kit, the writer if some of Trinidad and Tobago's biggest hits included "Kan Kan Riddim" (which features artistes such as Olatunji, Benjai & H2O Phlo, Flipo, King Bubba, Sekon Sta, Darnella), "Folklore Riddim" (which features artistes such as Kes, Sekon Sta, Nadia Batson, Turner). Let us just say, we are absolutely honoured that Kit would join us this season (more to come) for a follow up on his successes.As we can see, he is the creative genius behind many of these hit to which have had a major international impact. His music has crossed boundaries that this podcast can only begin to fathom.  Kit sits with us to talk about some key points: What is a producer versus a beat-maker, knowing your market and that sometimes calculated risks are worth it in the long run. In addition to these lovely gems, one thing we can advise on from this talk is: (1) put yourself out there, (2) multiple income streams. Forty minutes is simply not enough to talk about the entire foundation that shapes the music industry. So, stay tuned, as we plans with Advokit are to be announced VERY soon! Advokit's Socials: Soundcloud Facebook  IG TIMELESS RIDDIM: Nailah Blackman & Kes- Timeless Destra Garcia : Farewell  Nadia Batson: Dance With Me Farmer Nappy & Allison Hinds: Good in Goodbye  Mixing and Mastering: Sammy Jo: Good Love Lil Bitts: Mean Business MORE DISCUSSIONS: Tune in to Part 1! Discussing Masters Ownership Samples from Musical Theatre HERE'S SOME LOCAL TALENT: Meet BadBlood! Meet L.L.I!  Meet Mvntra! MERCH IS HERE! Grab t-shirts, hoodies, and more! JOIN OUR PATREON | STALK US on our socials! THANK YOU to our sponsors @janberrywrites & Roger Baptiste! --- Send in a voice message: