"The Truth Must Be Told" SAL PASSOS (3-21-22)

Impact Radio USA

Mar 21 2022 • 59 mins

"The Truth Must Be Told", as created and hosted by SAL PASSOS, tells the truth about the Bible, Jesus, the church, and all else.


"Sal is dedicated to speaking the truth and seeing other benefit from the Gospel. As a former Campus Pastor for Teen Challenge Ministries, he has seen many times first hand the changing power of Jesus in the lives of those addicted.

In todays crazy mixed up world, Sal has see the Church of Jesus Christ come under attack and lose the power and influence it once had. The comprise of the Gospel is everywhere. Pastors do not wish to offend others but the Cross is an offense and the truth about Christ’s sacrifice on that Cross paid the price for all who would accept it."

"The Truth Must Be Told" can be heard on Impact Radio USA twice per day at 7:00 am ET and 7:00 pm ET.