Necessary Rebels


Welcome to Necessary Rebels! Hosted by Sandra, co-founded by Sandra and Kanar, this podcast was inspired by the BLM, anti-racism and inequalities work in different sectors. You’ll hear stories from our guests about their experiences of inequalities & racism both in and outside of the workplace. Each episode currently conducted by Sandra will leave you with information on how you can help tackle these injustices and be a Necessary Rebel... Some of the content in these episodes may be uncomfortable and these conversations are never easy. But change needs to come - What part will you play to become a Necessary Rebel?
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Nov 14 2020
2 mins
Dope Black Mums, Sisterhood and why we need safe spaces with Nina Malone‘Sometimes a child just needs a home' - The Practice of Farming with Tori AwaniLife lessons with my friend Louis Howell'England is no Mumma to me' with Author Colin Grant‘Busy Being Black is a f***ing moment’ with Josh RiversDropping gems with Malik Al NasirWindrush, identity, belonging and what it means to be Indo-Caribbean with Jana AllyBlack maternal health with Liz, a community midwifeTrauma and Resilience in our DNA with Sherod Haynes and Temara J. HoltChildhood, race & the care system - with Fiona Peters'Sister Outsider' a conversation with Dionne UsherwoodSpeaking Out on the Government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities ReportThe UK Government Race and Ethnic Disparities ReportThe ethnicity pay gap - with Dianne GreysonKnow Thyself, Know Thy Past - with Abu-BakrUK food poverty with Sarah BentleyInclusive Marketing: Moving beyond the black square and other tokens, with Charlotte WilliamsBeing Your Authentic Self with Olivia VincentiWhite Allies - with Josephine Namusisi-RileyAre vaccines the only way to end the pandemic?