Optimise Your SEO Career: Imposter Syndrome with Kristie Plantiga

The SEO Mindset

May 5 2022 • 29 mins

Yes you read the title right, in this week's podcast episode we chat to Kristie all about Imposter Syndrome and why it can be a good thing... About Kristie After working in the corporate SEO industry for a few years, Kristie Plantinga decided to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for mental health and wellness by founding TherapieSEO, an SEO consultancy and agency for therapists and coaches. When she's not doing SEO, content marketing, or email marketing, Kristie can be found sipping homemade dirty chai and snuggling her rescue terrier Winston. Where to find Kristie https://instagram.com/therapieseo (@therapieseo on Instagram) https://twitter.com/kristie_plant (@kristie_plant on Twitter) https://www.therapieseo.com/ (Kristie's Website) About 'The SEO Mindset' Podcast Build your inner confidence and thrive. The SEO Mindset is a weekly podcast that will give you actionable tips, guidance and advice to help you not only build your inner confidence but to also thrive in your career. Each week we will cover topics specific to careers in the SEO industry but also broader topics too including professional and personal development. Your hosts are Life Coach Tazmin Suleman and SEO Manager Sarah McDowell, who between them have over 20 years of experience working in the industry. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScjo4Sik-1rMEKa5DgibdURkEwRwszXLlLqtqKxCgLXxtfRFg/viewform?usp=sf_link (Sign up to be a guest on the podcast here). Get in touch We'd love to hear from you. We have many ways that you can reach out to us to say hello, ask a question, or suggest a topic for us to discuss on a future episode. Twitter - https://twitter.com/SarahMcDUK (@sarahmcduk), https://twitter.com/sulemantazmin (@sulemantazmin), https://twitter.com/seomindsetpod (@seomindsetpod) Website - https://www.tazminsuleman.com/ (https://www.tazminsuleman.com/) Instagram - @tazminsuleman Email - theseomindsetpodcast@gmail.com Never miss a podcast episode and subscribe to the podcast:https://www.theseomindset.co.uk/listen (Listen to The SEO Mindset) Copyright 2022 Sarah & Tazmin