Running a Purpose Based Business with Crystal Nyarko

The SEO Mindset Podcast

May 23 2024 • 35 mins

In this episode Tazmin is joined by Crystal Nyarko. Crystal is the founder of Clear Narrative Media, Crystalized Nation Ghana and Freelance Social Media and Marketing Manager. She talks to Tazmin about the importance of aligning your business to your pu1rpose, and what this means for your growth and brand.

About Crystal:

My name is Crystal Nyarko Asiedu, Founder of Clear Narrative Media, Crystalized Nation Ghana and Freelance Social Media and Marketing Manager. I have 7+ years in the Marketing and Media industry with in-house, agency and freelance experience. I'm passionate about helping businesses, brands and creatives amplify their voices and building sustainable communities online. I believe that everyone has a story that deserves to be told in a crystal clear way.

Where to find Crystal:

@crystalnyarko on Instagram

@crystalnyarko on Twitter

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