Effective Team Relationship Building for Managers with Gabrio Linari

The SEO Mindset Podcast

Feb 1 2024 • 35 mins

How can managers build effective relationships with their team and why is it important? Gabrio joins Tazmin on this week's podcast, to share his insights, experience and easy-to-implement strategies.

About Gabrio:

My name is Gabrio Linari; I am Italian and work as Director and Global SEO Consultant for a variety of clients at ROCK SEO, my own company. I live in sunny ğŸŒž Croatia and work for companies worldwide. I truly relish connecting with people, training individuals in SEO, understanding business challenges, and leveraging my expertise and having fun while doing it. For years, I have followed Shaun T’s Insanity workout regimen, and I continue to train daily. True to its name, the workouts were, in fact, extreme. When not immersed in work, I find solace in leisurely strolls with my canine companion, Rocky, and find a therapeutic sense of calm in cleaning my car after long hours in front of the computer.

Where to find Gabrio:

Gabrio's Website

Gabrio Linari on LinkedIn

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