Story Discovery Podcast (Short Stories | Poetry | Flash Fiction | Audiobook)

Onyx Publications

Onyx Publications presents the Story Discovery Podcast, offering free, narrated short stories, poetry, and flash fiction that appear in Etched Onyx Magazine. More information about the podcast, the magazine, and Onyx Publications can be found at www.onyxpublications.com. Settle in, and enjoy the show.
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The Caregiver by Kendall Klym
The Caregiver by Kendall KlymLocked Down for Murder by Cheryl RiegerSelected Poems by Kate BanksThe King of Weeds by John Eric VonaBeneath the Marigolds (Prologue) by Emily C. Whitson16 Hours of Mistakes by Henry CherryThe Blue Room by Peter GoochSafety by John MahoneyNothing, Egg Whites, Nothing by Piper GourleyLosing Singularity and Other Poems by Lila RutishauserGet Me the F Out of Here by Donald CaponeHollywood Forever by Jordan CanioFrom Windows by Dennis MaloneyA Sign from Above by Gavin BoyterBig-Avocado-WarmSpell-by-Francis-FernandesLe Petit, Le Grand, and Le Mal by Melissa LaDucLady of the Lake (Prologue) by Katie McDougallOld James and the Whittler by Michael SobieSense of Taste by April BaileyJust Start by Melissa Collings