Selected Poems by Kate Banks

Story Discovery Podcast (Short Stories | Poetry | Flash Fiction | Audiobook)

Oct 24 2021 • 1 hr

On today’s show we hear five poems by award winning author, Kate Banks. Experience the silence of stillness, the succulence of figs, and the grandeur of an ancient orange tree. Her poems explore that space between known and intimated, and once you’re there with her, you might not want to leave. Afterward, Kate shares her view on discovering stories and getting inspiration. We also discuss her skills as a certified hypnotherapist as well as some turning-point life experiences that have shaped her inner journey. This is an interview rich in energy and information. You’ll get more out of it than you think. If you’d like to read Kate’s poems or learn more about her, head over to Etched Onyx Magazine at www.onyxpublications.com. All audio, story, and poetry material are copyright 2021, all rights reserved.