Beneath the Marigolds (Prologue) by Emily C. Whitson

Story Discovery Podcast (Short Stories | Poetry | Flash Fiction | Audiobook)

Sep 26 2021 • 42 mins

Today’s show is a special edition where we hear the audiobook prologue for Beneath the Marigolds, a debut novel by Nashville writer Emily Whitson. When her friend and sponsor, Reese Marigold, goes missing after attending Last Chance, an exclusive singles’ retreat on a remote island off the coast of Hawaii, no-nonsense lawyer Ann Stone infiltrates the retreat. Ann quickly realizes there’s more to Last Chance than meets the eye. The extravagant clothes, never-ending interviews, and bizarre dates hint that the retreat is a front for a reality dating show. Could Reese be safe, keeping a low profile until the premier, or did something sinister occur after all? Afterward, we talk with Emily about her inspiration, her strong belief in writers’ groups, and the importance of editors. If you’d like to read this book or learn more about Emily, head over to her website at www.emilycwhitson.com. For more information about Etched Onyx Magazine, you can find us at www.onyxpublications.com. All audio and story material, except for the audio prologue, are copyright Onyx Publications, 2021, all rights reserved.