Mishlei 6:6-11 - Go to the Ant, You Lazy Person! (Part 4)

The Mishlei Podcast

May 5 2021 • 34 mins

(ו) לֵךְ אֶל נְמָלָה עָצֵל רְאֵה דְרָכֶיהָ וַחֲכָם.
(ז) אֲשֶׁר אֵין לָהּ קָצִין שֹׁטֵר וּמֹשֵׁל.
(ח) תָּכִין בַּקַּיִץ לַחְמָהּ אָגְרָה בַקָּצִיר מַאֲכָלָהּ.
(ט) עַד מָתַי עָצֵל תִּשְׁכָּב מָתַי תָּקוּם מִשְּׁנָתֶךָ.
(י) מְעַט שֵׁנוֹת מְעַט תְּנוּמוֹת מְעַט חִבֻּק יָדַיִם לִשְׁכָּב.
(יא) וּבָא כִמְהַלֵּךְ רֵאשֶׁךָ וּמַחְסֹרְךָ כְּאִישׁ מָגֵן.

This morning (5/5/21 at YBT) we continued our analysis of the Meiri's "derech ha'nistar" approach to our pesukim about laziness. We learned several new insights from his commentary on the pesukim about the ant, but decided to stop once we saw how in-depth he went in his "mapping" of the faculties of the soul - an important topic, to be sure, but not one that we were prepared to spend our morning Mishlei shiur investigating. Although there's more to be learned in the Meiri's derech ha'nistar commentary on our pesukim, our plan is to return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

For an overview of the Meiri's approach to Mishlei in general, check out my article: "Mishlei Methodology: Meiri - Nigleh and Nistar."
משלי ו:ו-יא עם פירוש המאירי
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