Welcome Dinesh and 2000 Mules - In the Litter Box w/ Jewels & Catturd 5/18/2022 - Ep. 86

In the Litter Box

May 18 2022 • 1 hr 15 mins

Special Guest: Dinesh D'Souza | 2000 Mules Writer, Director & Filmmaker | Visit: https://2000Mules.com

Host of the Dinesh D'Souza Podcast: https://dinesh.locals.com/ Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-dinesh-dsouza-podcast/id1547827376

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Jewels @JewelsJones (GETTR) (TRUTH Social), @JewelsJones1 (Gab)

Catturd @Catturd2 (Twitter) (GETTR) (TRUTH Social), @Catturd (Gab)

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