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Despite the Grateful Dead’s ethos of peace and love and communal music, there is a darkness that surrounds the band. Across five decades, a string of unexplained accidents, murders and disappearances have befallen some of the band’s most dedicated fans; affectionately known as "DeadHeads." Some were last seen on their way to Grateful Dead concerts, others simply vanished or were tragically murdered while attending shows.  Hosted by Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished) and Jake Brennan (Disgraceland), DEAD AND GONE Season 2 dives deep into the DeadHead subculture, investigating four of these tragic unresolved cases while simultaneously navigating the career of this iconic band. A long, strange, deadly trip into the world of The Grateful Dead. read less

Our Editor's Take

True crime fans and Grateful Dead fans alike may want to solve the mysteries of Dead and Gone. It is a true crime podcast that explores a series of unusual deaths, all with one thing in common. They were all “Deadheads,” members of the Grateful Dead's beloved fanbase.

Payne Lindsey is the host and creator of Dead and Gone. He has hosted several other true crime podcasts, including Atlanta Monster. He first pursued this cast topic after investigator Todd Matthews pointed out the Dead connections. Working with 27 Club's Jake Brennan, Lindsey sets out to solve the mystery.

Listeners of Dead and Gone follow Lindsey as he uses his storytelling skills. With his keen eye for detail and ability to engage with the audience, he is an excellent narrator. To go along with this, Lindsey's skills as an investigative reporter give the show its depth. Each podcast episode contains exclusive interviews and firsthand accounts from those involved. Listeners gain facts and insights from experts and investigators. Those close to the victims also share their stories. Such personal dialogues help to reveal the person behind the tragedy. These fans were not just victims. They were people.

Cohost Brennan focuses on the musical aspects of these stories. He gives fans the stories and details behind the Grateful Dead. This iconic band's career is key to understanding the cultural mentality of the time. Many Deadheads were victims of prejudice and bias, which may have affected investigations. Brennan's narrations serve to emphasize this. His powerful storytelling captures the facts and fiction of this legendary band. Listeners of all kinds will find his contributions to be engaging and informative. They will also hear about how Dead fans helped identify “Grateful Doe,” a concertgoer who died in a 1995 car crash. His name was unknown for decades until Dead fans looked into the story.

The Dead and Gone podcast gives its audience a unique angle on the genre. Not only is it a disturbing tale of loss, but it is also an overlooked moment in the history of music. True crime lovers and fans of the Grateful Dead may find this podcast to be an enlightening listen.

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