[Ship-Talking Presents] Shuttle Scuttle #30 (Shields Up!)

Ship-Talking Podcast

Mar 28 2022 • 9 mins

Welcome to the latest episode of our pod-within-a-pod series: 'Shuttle Scuttle'! In this episode, Brandon and James are joined once again by the awesome and very-blue-but-only-in-colour Noah Averbach-Katz (who plays Ryn in Discovery). Between practice sorties in their shuttle, the lads discuss the various shield effects seen throughout the franchise's history, and which they think are some of the more iconic iterations. All patrons of Ship-Talking's Patreon gain access to new episodes of 'Shuttle Scuttle' one week before their wide release here! Hailing frequencies are always open at www.shiptalkingpod.com or email hello@shiptalkingpod.com.