[Ship-Talking Presents] Shuttle Scuttle #26 (Relation-Ships III)

Ship-Talking Podcast

Jan 24 2022 • 13 mins

Welcome to the latest episode of our pod-within-a-pod series: 'Shuttle Scuttle'! In this episode, we return to everyone's favourite ships-inspired game show: RELATION-SHIPSsssss... George once again takes the shuttle's helm to run the game and James and Brandon are the contestants as they guess which ship belongs to each dating profile. Listen along and see how many you can guess before the answers are revealed! All patrons of Ship-Talking's Patreon gain access to new episodes of 'Shuttle Scuttle' one week before their wide release here! Hailing frequencies are always open at www.shiptalkingpod.com or email hello@shiptalkingpod.com.