Be Wary of the Risks of Margin Accounts

Goldstein on Gelt

Mar 23 2017 • 24 mins

Are margin accounts a smart way to build a portfolio? Ever thought about borrowing money to invest? Don’t do it! At least, not till after you listen to this episode of The Goldstein on Gelt Show! Margin accounts, borrowing money to invest, is a risky investment strategy that shouldn’t be done without careful consideration Find out what a margin account is and why it may be a bad idea.

Four questions to consider before creating a margin account

Doug has four questions that every investor should ask if they are tempted to borrow money for investing. Margin accounts are a high-risk move, and most people aren’t comfortable with such a drastic investment strategy. Ask these four questions to decide if borrowing money makes financial sense for you. Richard Duncan, the developer of Macro Watch and author of The Dollar Crisis and The New Depression, forecasts an upcoming recession in the global economy. Richard also points to recent events that could lead to an American recession. He and Doug discuss how investors can plan for economic downturns. Listen to discover some investment strategies that can help you weather the storm if the market bubble bursts. Check out Richard Duncan’s show Marco Watch for more of his insights. Visit If you’re not already receiving updates on new episodes, sign up now, and as a special bonus, receive Doug’s free ebook The Retirement Planning Book. Also, Doug would like to know, why do you listen to Goldstein on Gelt? If you have an answer, he’d love to hear it!