An Investment Strategy That Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Goldstein on Gelt

Jul 14 2022 • 25 mins

Every investor needs an investment strategy, and there are many good strategies an investor can consider. Do you know your options and what each investment strategy can offer you? Tune in to learn more about the most common choices. Colleen Jaconetti is a certified financial planner and senior investment analyst with Vanguard Investment Strategy Group. She lays out the most popular investment strategies that investors use in everyday investments. She focuses particularly on the “Dynamic Retirement Spending” strategy, an investment strategy that can give an investor “the best of both worlds” in financial planning. She explains what the strategy is and why it is the most balanced option for an investor.

The dos and don’ts of a financial windfall

Doug has put together a list of tips called The Best Way to Invest an Inheritance: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do with a Windfall.* (*meant as link) He lists all the reasons why getting a sudden windfall like an inheritance can be stressful and lead to bad decisions. To dive deeper into this subject, register for Doug’s webinar called How to Invest an Inheritance. Learn more about Vanguard Investment Strategy Group at their website. For more information about Colleen Jaconetti, read some of her blogs for Vanguard’s site. If you’re not already receiving updates on new episodes, sign up now, and as a special bonus, receive Doug’s free ebook The Retirement Planning Book.