How Can You Best Protect Your Portfolio?

Goldstein on Gelt

Oct 19 2017 • 24 mins

To protect your portfolio’s assets and keep investment gains, it is more important to buy at the right price or sell at the right price? Grant Williams, co-founder of the Real Vision Group and author of Things That Make You Go Hmmm… discusses the steps that investors can take to protect their investment portfolio. There is no guaranteed answer, however, there are decisions and precautionary measures that can minimize the possibility of losing money. Grant encourages listeners to watch their stocks and other investments carefully so they can be more proactive in their portfolio growth. He also has some sound advice for baby boomers who want to bolster their portfolios.

So, how do rich people get richer?

Doug has observed wealthy people and their habits over the years. He compiled his findings into a downloadable document, available here. This list is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to know how the rich stay rich. If you would like to adapt other habits of the wealthy read, Tom Corley’s article 16 Rich Habits, or listen to our discussions when he was on the show twice before. Listen here. To learn more about Grant Williams visit the Things That Make You Go Hmmm… website and Real Vision’s website. Follow him on Twitter at: @ttmygh To learn more about Roger Whitney and his 5-minute retirement plan, go to If you’re not already receiving updates on new episodes, sign up now, and as a special bonus, receive Doug’s free ebook The Retirement Planning Book.