Creative Monetization Ideas: High Ticket & Premium Priced Offers (Part 3)

The Mariah Coz Show

Sep 5 2023 • 46 mins

In this episode, I’m sharing more creative monetization ideas for creators - specifically with a focus on more high ticket, high touch, premium offers that can work as either a one time purchase or a subscription recurring revenue model. If you love high touch delivery, working with less clients but in a closer capacity, if you love coaching and giving personal feedback, you’ll get lots of ideas. If you have a smaller audience and need more low volume but premium priced ideas, this is perfect for you.

This is part 3 in a 3-part series, so definitely listen to the first 2 parts if you haven’t, for tons of fresh, new ideas for monetizing your business and audience that will get your gears turning.

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In this episode:

  • Why we are tempted to include “everything and the kitchen sink” in our high ticket offer, when really keeping it simple is what our clients want

  • How I’ve embraced a “less is more” approach, having built a super “all inclusive” huge program before

  • How to make your premium offer stand out by making 1-2 key components the star of the show

  • Giving you the permission you didn’t know you needed to do less, focus on just your zone of genius, and stop stuffing things you don’t even like into your programs

  • What clients are really looking for in a premium, high touch offer now

  • The unexpected opportunities in being laser focused on a simple high touch offer (referral partners and collabs, yay!)

  • 3 concrete, unique high ticket subscription offers you can create and how to structure them (with examples)

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