3 Types Of Profitable Courses, Products and Programs That Are Selling Right Now

The Mariah Coz Show

Apr 15 2024 • 33 mins

3 Types Of Courses, Products and Programs That Are Profitable Right Now…and how to make some small tweaks to turn the offers you have into the offers your audience actually wants in this market.

I’m breaking down what types of digital products, courses and program structures are working right now with real examples you can model.

Everyone wants to know what is actually selling *now* when it comes to courses.

  • “Are courses still selling as well as they used to?”

  • “Are people still investing in higher ticket programs?”

  • “What types of digital products are the most profitable?”

Yes, there are certain delivery formats and structures that people are looking to buy right now. I’ve got you covered!

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In this episode:

  • Private insights from the “x-ray vision” of being behind the scenes of my clients businesses

  • The breakdown of 3 categories of profitable products that are selling now

  • Why you probably already have a profitable digital product hiding in your files or inside your bigger program and how to pull it out as a low ticket offer

  • The power of having an “all access pass” style program or subscription that combines your body of work in one place

  • Why confusion and overwhelm kills sales and what to do instead

  • The little known high ticket offer type that brought in an extra $60k for us the last few weeks behind the scenes

  • How to make simple tweaks to turn the products, content, and curriculum you already have into the types of offers your audience wants to buy right now

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