Rebuilding My Business: How I’m Revamping Everything in 30 Days By Keeping It Simple

The Mariah Coz Show

Feb 29 2024 • 34 mins

Hear how I’ve condensed 6 months worth of projects around re-launching my business into about 30 days by streamlining and simplifying everything. I’m rebuilding my business from the inside out, and I’ve decided to just overhaul EVERYTHING all at once, on an accelerated timeline.

It’s amazing what you can get done when you just decide “this is happening, now”.

In this episode:

  • The backstory of what started this cascade from a new idea to a new website to a new newsletter, new content system and more

  • How I’m getting done what would have normally taken someone 6+ months to accomplish in about 30 days

  • The lessons learned about being decisive, 80/20 principles, and how to stop over complicating everything

  • An inside look at exactly HOW I’m keeping things simple (not batching, a 1-page website, systems and templates, etc)

  • Why I think my “minimum viable” mindset is actually going to work better than all the fluff

  • My approach to the shortest distance between my ideas and sharing them with you

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