GEOINT 2022 - Hydrosat - Peter Fossel

Project Geospatial

May 11 2022 • 10 mins

Hydrosat provides daily, high-resolution thermal and multispectral infrared imagery of the entire Earth. Thermal allows you to visualize heat and reveal unseen truths that visual imagery can’t detect. Leveraging their first-in-history thermal capabilities, they also provide analytics solutions to solve climate and agriculture issues.

Hydrosat’s Co-Founder and CEO, Peter Fossel, sat down with Adam with talk about their upcoming launch of their first satellite. He went on to discuss why they chose to focus specifically on infrared as opposed to other parts of the spectrum, such as visible or SAR. Their sub field level resolution helps them get a clearer  snapshot than even Landsat which sits at about 120 meters per pixel. And their always-on monitoring eliminates the need for tasking and allows users to access data from any time slot.

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