Scott Kesterson

War is the teacher, soldiers its students. Faith and Knowledge the greatest weapons of war. Through stories, we reshape the narratives to strengthen our resolve, awaken the truth, expand our vision beyond the limits of the Matrix and bring us closer to God. In the end, God wins.
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Fishers of Men - 20211127
54 mins
Fishers of Men - 20211127Fishers of Men - 20211126BardsFM, Invasion USA... The Duncan Report - 20211126Fishers of Men - 20211125BardsFM, A Conversation with Michael Beatty - 20211125Fishers of Men - 20211124BardsFM, A Conversation with the Resistance Chicks - 20211124Fishers of Men - 20211123BardsFM, A Conversation with Brad Cummings - 20211123Fishers of Men - 20211122BardsFM, Humanity Is Being Hunted - 20211122Fishers of Men - 20211121Fishers of Men - 20211120Fishers of Men - 20211119BardsFM, Invasion USA... The Duncan Report #3 - 20211119Bards Special Addition, Rittenhouse Not Guilty - 20211119Fishers of Men - 20211118BardsFM, Investing in Fear Porn - 20211118Fishers of Men - 20211117BardsFM, The Battle of Athens - 20211117