#257 - the Uncharted Movie Trailer is a Thing That Exists + N64 on NSO Impressions

We Podcast and We Know Things

Oct 29 2021 • 1 hr 32 mins

This week, we give our impressions on the trailers for Uncharted, Lightyear & Cowboy Bebop, plus N64 on Nintendo Switch & Metroid Dread. We read reviews for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Mario Party Superstars, Marvel's Eternals & Army of Thieves. Spider-Man: No Way Home is getting more returning villains, Brendan Fraser has been cast in the Batgirl HBO Max film & Greg shares his impressions of the new Calling All Captains album. Warner Bros is making a Smash Bros-style fighter, so we list all the characters we hope to see playable & those already confirmed.

Picks of the Week/Trivia - 4:19

Gaming - 19:38

Movies - 1:00:15

TV - 1:21:50

Music & CGC TCG Spotlight - 1:26:06

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