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The Science of Franchising With Troy HooperThe Intersection of Hospitality and Technology With Tomer MolovinskyFiring Up Virtual Concepts With Gage Anderle of Dickey's BBQCatering to the Customer With Solomon ChoiOptimizing Restaurant Infrastructure With Alex CanterCoaching Within the Four Walls with Monte SilvaDelivering Data Into the Right Hands with Will PacioThe Fundamentals of Leadership With Stephen M.R. CoveyThe Pioneering of the Ghost Kitchen with Atul SoodLeveling Up Your Workforce With Sam CaucciConnecting with Guests Inside and Out of Restaurants with Mike MirkilThe Key to Customer Engagement with Niko PapademetriouMelding Tech and Storytelling Power with Kristen BarnettThe Digital Experience With Andy RebhunUpgrading Customer Loyalty With Zach GoldsteinMake Your Chef's Life A Breeze with Josh Sharkey of MeezThe Best Tech for Guests and Employees with Dave DittenberCrafting a Five Star Guest Experience with Kelley JonesDelivering the Digital Restaurant with Carl Orsbourn and Meredith SandlandHow Reusables Raise Revenues with Lindsey Hoell