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The Five Questions You Need to Answer When Starting Your Podcast
As I release this it's January which is a month where many people launch a podcast. Why? Because it's a new year and they are pumped up and ready to embrace the new year. That is great and I love the excitement. Here are some questions you need to answer. 1, Why Are You Starting a Podcast? Potential Answers include: To be seen as an expertTo promote a product or service (marketing)To find like-minded people (build community)To reach a global audience For the fun of it 2. Is this a passion project, a hobby, or a business A passion project is "just for fun" A hobby might be taken a little more seriously, with the hopes of making some money (think of it as the musician who plays on the weekends, but is never moving to Nashville) A business is a person who has products or services to sell. They want to sell advertising, and it needs to generate money. 3. Who is your audience? Is this a podcast for people to be more confident? How about a more confident parent? How about a more confident first-time parent? How about a more confident first-time, interracial parent? 4. What do they want to hear? (Why will they listen to your podcast?) I have strategies to help you find your audience and avoid "guessing" what they want, so you speed up the pace of growing your audience. 5. How will you gauge your success? By downloads? By Sales? By Awareness? By How You Feel? If you can answer these questions, you have a clear idea of where you're going, who you are servicing, and how you are going to get to where you want to go.  Let Me Help You Need help, go to podcastconsultant.com/schedule and schedule a strategy call today.
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I get this question on a fairly regular basis. And that is, Hey, we said this, should I mark my podcast as explicit? One time I was thoroughly confused because they were mentioning the F word. And I'm not going to say any of these words today, I'm going to keep mine clean, but it was the F word. It's the one that rhymes with fire truck. And they said, Can I use this (the F Word) Because I'm using it as an adjective, not a verb. And the fun part of this, especially when it comes to Apple, is they've never really defined exactly what is explicit. So consequently, you can't go right up to the line because well, the line isn't very well designed.  Which leads everybody going well, is it okay to talk about this if it's .........? So here's my answer to that. Number one, there is no answer. It's really up to you. I'm going to talk about what the consequences are here in a second. But most of the time, if you have to ask, Is this explicit? The answer is, Yeah, probably. Would you listen to this episode with a three year old in the car? That's another way of thinking about it.  So let me tell you what happens when you mark a single episode as explicit. Even though it's just an episode, your entire show will be banned in a bunch of countries. And I want to thank Daniel J. Lewis, he's the guy behind mypodcastreviews.com If you mark a single episode, your show will be pulled from Apple's directory in the following countries: Bahrain Belarus Brunei Darussalam Burkina Faso Chad Egypt India Jordan Lebanon Nepal Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Tunisia United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Yemen So kiss that goodbye.  Now the other thing that can happen is if you leave it labeled clean, and somebody goes to Apple and says I would like to report this episode, there is a chance they will pull your entire show. The third option is okay, I don't want to mark it explicit because I want to be available everywhere. Then you can bleep out the naughty words.  Free 15 Minute Strategy Session Click HERE to Apply for a Free Strategy session  I'm Dave Jackson from the School of podcasting comm thanks for joining me on my mission to rid the world of boring podcasts and I look forward to being your podcast consultant.
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How Can I See How Many Subscribers I Have to My Podcast?
I get this question all the time and the quick answer is when it comes to subscribers - you can't. However, there are other ways to measure success. First, let's talk about the current state of affairs. You can see engaged listeners (people that listen to a sizeable chunk of your episode) in Apple. You can see followers in Spotify. In Google podcasts you can actually see subscribers. However, if you look at Spotify and Google's numbers they don't seem to jive with the number of downloads. This is why I say for the most part you can't. To this, I ask, "Why do you want to know?" I WANT TO TRACK GROWTH If the answer is, "I want to track my growth" then I have a solution. You can use your download numbers. If you want to know who your superfans are, then use a time frame such as 7 days. In hosts like Libsyn (use the promo code sopfree to get a free month at Libsyn.com) and Buzzsprout you can look at how many downloads an episode receives after 7 days (as well as 30, 90, and all-time). This makes it easy to see what episodes performed the best. NOT EVERYONE LISTENS! (BUT MOST DO) I know some people shout, "But you can download a file and never listen to it." In June of 2021 Apple had a glitch where it's auto-download option quit working, and according to podnews, this represented about 11% of downloads. This means roughly 90% of people that download a file listen to it. Apple podcasts has a feature that if you haven't listened to any of the last 5 downloads it stops downloading them. LET'S GO BACK TO YOUR WHY Keep in mind there are more ways to measure success and that is why we are coming back to your why. In episode 99 I talked about the different ways people benefit from podcasting. I episode 79 I talked about the importance of knowing your why. Some examples are: Being seen as an expertGetting to talk to people you normally wouldn'tGrowing influenceSelling more productsGetting your message outGrowing an email list I look at my stats once a week. I look at the last episode and compare it to the previous episode. My goal is not to drive numbers up for advertisers. My goal for this podcast (my why) is to get you to hire me as your podcasting sherpa. Your trusted guide to get you over the mountain you feel is starting a podcast. If you're more of a self-paced person, you might join the School of Podcasting. In May of this year, my numbers took an ever so slight dip. However, my consulting numbers went up. When you know your why, you know when (or more importantly when NOT TO) to start to look at your content. MEASURING SUPER FANS For now, I would look at how many downloads you get the first seven days after being published if you want to use download numbers. If you need help growing your audience, reach out to me at podcastconsultant.com and schedule a strategy session. I can listen to an episode, check out your website, and let you know if I find any hidden fruit.
Sep 1 2021
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How Do I Get Rid of Impostor Syndrome? Part 2
Today we continue our discussion of Imposter Syndrome and feeling "We're not worthy!" Here are some strategies: You are not defined by your mistakes. The “I must not fail mentality” can be crippling.There is one person who really needs your messageNot everyone will like you, and that is OK.Credentials don't always mean what you think they do.Find one person you know and trust and let them know you feel like a fraudInstead of saying, “I don't know anything” say, “I don’t know everything…yet. I’m still learning.”Yes, there is luck and timing, but there is also talent, dedication, and charisma.While your feelings are real, this does not mean they are accurate.Quit focusing on yourself, and instead focus on your audience and how you will deliver value. But What Are the Magic Words That Make Impostor Syndrome Disappear? In doing tons of research on this, there aren't any words that you can say to have your feelings "Poof" and they vanish.  What you're going to have to do is acknowledge the nervousness, and keep going.  I've been public speaking for decades, and yet I still get sweaty hands before I start. Once I start, I'm fine.  What turns down the panic and nerves is taking action. I know you're saying "But I'm nervous!"  That is normal. Being nervous is actually good. It shows you care. But letting your fear stop you is a choice.  We have a joke at the School of Podcasting. We say, "Nobody is going to punch you in the face." You know what? So far, it's true.  Let's Get Your Podcast Going Sign up for a podcast strategy session today.
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Back in episode 90 I talked about some of the really bad advice for new podcasters that I see in Facebook groups and today I want to talk about batch recording and when it's OK to do it, and what are the negative side effects.  WHAT IS BATCH RECORDING Batch recording is when you record a bunch of episodes in one sitting. For example, if you do a show that publishes Monday through Friday, you might record five shows on Saturday. Then set them to release over the next week.  THE PROS OF BATCH RECORDING YOUR PODCAST When you batch record, you have one day where you can focus and "pound out" your podcast and take the test of the week to either promote those episodes, research more episodes, etc. You have the rest of the week "free."  The other nice thing about having a few unreleased episodes is when life happens, you have an episode to publish and keep your schedule. Having unreleased episodes can reduce some of the stress of always being on the hunt for new episodes.  WHEN IS BATCH RECORDING YOUR PODCAST A BAD IDEA? So I was in a Facebook group and someone said when you launch you should record 10 episodes ahead of time and then schedule your big launch.  I will say this again, having a BIG launch and thinking it will deliver unending success is like saying having a BIG wedding will deliver bliss and happiness. In both cases, the work is still starting.  WHEN TO NEVER BATCH RECORD I had a client once that came to who had already recorded 52 episodes of his weekly podcast. There was one large problem. The files were in the wrong format. He had no way to go back and redo them. He had to go back and re-record them.  If you have not found a stranger who is your target audience to listen to your show and give you honest feedback, then recording a bunch of episodes is not a good idea.  In the business world, this is called "Proof of Concept." Before you go "all in" on a product you want to make sure your intended audience needs that product and likes the one you created.  What if you record 10 episodes and they all have the "Lightning Round" segment, and after the first two episodes are release you get feedback that the lightning round is really annoying? You have eight more episodes with a lightning round coming down your feed in the future unless you go back and edit them.  So I would never batch record a large number of episodes when you first launch until you know you are delivering what your audience wants.  Ready To Start Your Podcast? Schedule a strategy session today at www.podcastconsultant.com/schedule Mentioned In This Episode Episode 90 - Don't Throw Away Your Audience Podcast Editing Service - Let My Team Edit Your Show
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Behind the Scenes of Podcast Tech Support
As someone who works in tech support for a podcast media hosting company, I get to see a wide view of the podcasting space. With this in mind, I want to help you get your podcast questions answered quickly.  Tip 1: Write down your login name and password.  There are times when we don't post an episode for a while and when we fire up the microphone we forget how to login. I use a tool called LastPass that securely stores my login and passwords.  TIP 2: Be SUPER Specific. Here are general terms that people use.  My Podcast (name?) The Episode (which one) Isn't playing (where). Isn't displaying (where) My Client (which one) TIP 3: Send the ticket from the email you use to login This way if you forget to say the name of your podcast, then the tech support person should be able to look up your account based on your email.  TIP 4: Let Me Retrace Your Steps So you feel something isn't working right. To recreate the problem, I need to know exactly what you've tried and how you did it. So instead of, "I can't update my billing." It would be. I logged into my account for my show (name of show) on my phone and I copied and pasted in my new credit card number. When I click save it go the error (then the error).  Tip 5: Uncropped Screenshots Are Always Welcome Here is an article on how to take screenshots. You can paste these into a Word or Google Doc and then attach them to a ticket.  TIP 6: Sending Multiple Tickets Can Slow Down The Response I know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. However, when you send in a ticket, and another, and another. Instead of having all of your information in one place, I now have to organize all of your comments and that takes more time. Be patient. We want you up and running. Also, trying to shame people by posting to social media isn't helpful either. The social media person often is not a person on the tech support team.  TIP 7: Don't Ask Facebook I realize you in a panic in some cases, and you REALLY need an answer. When you ask Facebook there are a few things to consider: 1. You are asking people who may not have any insights into the issue, but respond anyway. 2. The competitors of your current media host will start telling you to switch to their service.  I'm not going to ask my Dentist how to add a new starter to my car. The best place to get the best answer is from the team of your media host. They know the system inside and out.  TIP 8: Patience is a Virtue I understand you're frustrated, but taking your frustration out on the person who is trying to help you doesn't help the situation. This especially goes for churches.  Summary:  Your tech support team wants you to be successful. They want you up and running sooner or later. No detail is too small. Many times if you log into your media host first, the information about your account is already included.
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