How Do I Get Rid of Impostor Syndrome? Part 2

Your Podcast Consultant

Aug 15 2021 • 9 mins

Today we continue our discussion of Imposter Syndrome and feeling "We're not worthy!"

Here are some strategies:

  1. You are not defined by your mistakes. The “I must not fail mentality” can be crippling.
  2. There is one person who really needs your message
  3. Not everyone will like you, and that is OK.
  4. Credentials don't always mean what you think they do.
  5. Find one person you know and trust and let them know you feel like a fraud
  6. Instead of saying, “I don't know anything” say, “I don’t know everything…yet. I’m still learning.”
  7. Yes, there is luck and timing, but there is also talent, dedication, and charisma.
  8. While your feelings are real, this does not mean they are accurate.
  9. Quit focusing on yourself, and instead focus on your audience and how you will deliver value.

But What Are the Magic Words That Make Impostor Syndrome Disappear?

In doing tons of research on this, there aren't any words that you can say to have your feelings "Poof" and they vanish.

What you're going to have to do is acknowledge the nervousness, and keep going.

I've been public speaking for decades, and yet I still get sweaty hands before I start. Once I start, I'm fine.

What turns down the panic and nerves is taking action. I know you're saying "But I'm nervous!"

That is normal. Being nervous is actually good. It shows you care. But letting your fear stop you is a choice.

We have a joke at the School of Podcasting. We say, "Nobody is going to punch you in the face." You know what? So far, it's true.

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