5 Tools to Make It Easy to Connect With Your Audience

Your Podcast Consultant

Sep 19 2021 • 6 mins

The more honest feedback (from people you aren't related to grew up with) you get from your audience the better your show will be.

It's a little scary to ask people for feedback, but in the end without feedback, you are at risk of wasting your time creating content that doesn't resonate with your audience.

Today I have some tools to make it easy.

Podcast Voicemail

podcastvoicemail.com is exactly what it sounds like. You get a toll-free number for your audience to call into. The good news is everyone knows how to dial a phone number and it can be as low as 7 cents a minute. The bad news is the audio is not great so if you're looking to use these calls in .your show, it's not a great choice.


Podpage is a great tool where you can create a great-looking website for your podcast and it has a voicemail tool built-in.


Speakpipe is the original tool for getting feedback from your audience. It's $15/month and recently went through a very nice upgrade.


Telbee is a bit like Speakpipe on steroids and a little more flexible for $18/month

Video Ask

Video ask is a way to get feedback via video. They have a free version, and then monthly plans start at $30

Voice Form

As I write this in September of 2021 Voice Form is on Sale for a lifetime price of $69. Not only does it make it easy to get feedback, but it also has built-in tools for surveys. I am currently testing this for my free call application.

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