The Five Questions You Need to Answer When Starting Your Podcast

Your Podcast Consultant

Jan 15 2022 • 8 mins

As I release this it's January which is a month where many people launch a podcast. Why? Because it's a new year and they are pumped up and ready to embrace the new year. That is great and I love the excitement. Here are some questions you need to answer.

1, Why Are You Starting a Podcast?

Potential Answers include:

  • To be seen as an expert
  • To promote a product or service (marketing)
  • To find like-minded people (build community)
  • To reach a global audience
  • For the fun of it

2. Is this a passion project, a hobby, or a business

A passion project is "just for fun"

A hobby might be taken a little more seriously, with the hopes of making some money (think of it as the musician who plays on the weekends, but is never moving to Nashville)

A business is a person who has products or services to sell. They want to sell advertising, and it needs to generate money.

3. Who is your audience?

Is this a podcast for people to be more confident?

How about a more confident parent?

How about a more confident first-time parent?

How about a more confident first-time, interracial parent?

4. What do they want to hear? (Why will they listen to your podcast?)

I have strategies to help you find your audience and avoid "guessing" what they want, so you speed up the pace of growing your audience.

5. How will you gauge your success?

By downloads?

By Sales?

By Awareness?

By How You Feel?

If you can answer these questions, you have a clear idea of where you're going, who you are servicing, and how you are going to get to where you want to go.

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