How Do I Get Rid of Impostor Syndrome? Part 1

Your Podcast Consultant

Aug 1 2021 • 9 mins

70% of people have impostor syndrome. This is where you feel you are a fraud. You have opportunities that land in your lap and you feel underqualified. You feel it's just a matter of time until you are found out.

This results in crippling fear or overworking/perfectionism.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. You feel like a fraud because of this huge opportunity that has been put in your lap. Maybe, it's not quite as important as you think. It's important to you, but you're not curing cancer. It doesn't have to be perfect
  2. You have had some successes in the past. You've done hard things in the past. Think of the hardest thing you have to overcome. You did it. You're still here. Don't ignore your successes.
  3. DO NOT compare yourself to THAT person. There are always people “better” than you and people worse. You are never as good as your best review or as bad as your worst.
Your feelings are normal.
Feeling nervous is normal.
Letting it stop you is a choice.
I can help you work through the nerves and get your podcast off the ground.