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Barron's Live

Barron's Live

Join Barron’s for an exclusive live conversation with journalists and guests. Our editors and reporters will examine the pandemic and its impact on markets, the economy, companies and individuals. Topics include Managing Your Money, The Future of Health Care, What to Watch in the Markets, Tech Stocks, and more. read less

Our Editor's Take

What's happening on Wall Street? Barron's, a top financial news magazine, shares real opinions in Barron's Live. This podcast hosts conversations from the newsroom about important financial news.

In this multi-perspective podcast, listeners meet Barron's advisors, senior writers, and other experts. With new episodes throughout the week, there's always a new topic to learn about. This podcast is relevant for financial professionals, real estate trend watchers, and more. There is not one set host for Barron's Live. Instead, the podcast has a variety of Barron's writers and editors. They all report on areas of their expertise.

The podcast episode "Tech Stocks to Watch" discusses the changes in a fast-moving market. Others talk about the crypto companies that have become popular in recent years. Will they crash and burn or will they become a lucrative investment strategy? LMAX Boss David Mercer discusses this and more in a special episode. Others share basic financial planning advice. "How ETFs Can Supercharge Portfolio Performance" shares fund types and risk evaluation.

Jonathan Woloshin of UBS Global Wealth Management, appears on one episode. He and Beckie Strum of Mansion Global discuss "Investing in the High-End Rental Market." The two talk on the Barron's Live podcast about rental growth in the US. For people with vacation properties, this could be a way to boost income.

In the Barron's Live podcast, experts discuss political topics as well. Past topics have included President Biden's economic agenda and Congressional elections. Guests from politics and finance talk about how politics affect the economy.

With financial information always changing, this show offers a connection to Wall Street. Listeners can stay in the know on the latest news and financial success. From tax tips to investment talk, the Barron's Live podcast is where listeners can hear advice from finance pros.

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