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The Expedition Tapes

Jake Brett

Musician and Producer Jake Brett is listening to a song from every single country in the world. On this journey he will interview artists, research artists impact on mainstream culture, travel to various parts of the world and collaborate and release musical projects.

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Estonian Minimalism  - Episode 2
Mar 2 2018
Estonian Minimalism - Episode 2
On this episode Jake looks at Estonian composer Arvo Part, and his influence, use in film and his sample credits in Hip Hop. Some Artists Covered: Arvo Part, Bjork, Lupe Fiasco, Heino Eller.Thanks for listening.If you have any thoughts (or corrections), email the address below! Reading sources and Media :-ärt-ärt-unique-sound-world-  (Bjork Interview)- (on his influence in the west)- (on Tintabuli)-ärt-De-Profundis/ (Lupe Fiasco Sample)- (Documentary)- Interveiw ( ( Chant Music (A huge influence on Arvo) ( Teller(Avro Parts Tutor:  Email:Jakebrettmusic1@gmail.comTwiter:@WhosJakeBrettFacebook:@JakeBrettMusicInstagram:@whosjakebrett Hosted on Acast. See for more information.