10 painfully good things and 10 uncomfortable great things

The Stuck Stops Here ©

Feb 6 2022 • 10 mins

The healing journey was and is not easy for me.  It is a continuous and rigorous cycle of aha moments followed by grief followed by acceptance.  If your parents were narcissistic, controlling,  smothering, unavailable, overly critical, manipulative, angry and emotionally immature...you may feel as lonely and disconnected as I have felt and battled the same crippling anxiety and depression that I did.   I fantasized often that my parents would admit their mistakes and makes amends, that I would achieve more success than them and shove it in their face,  and that the outside world would see my parents for who they really are and reject them.  Having these fantasies reinforced and intensified my misery and kept me stuck.  In this podcast I share the knowledge I have acquired during peaks and valleys of my healing journey. I hope it helps.

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