Building Communities

Further. Faster. Podcast

Apr 6 2021 • 48 mins

Hello and welcome to Further Faster in association with Montane. For season 2, we've been loosely theming our podcasts and this one has a clear thread. Yes, our two guests are both involved with bouldering what we really wanted to speak about was community, how it's built up and what other disciplines can learn from bouldering.

Annie Martin is part of one of the UK's most popular bouldering YouTube channels Bouldering Dabrats', a filmmaker, and jointly runs Beta Magazine, online climbing and outdoors magazine aimed at women. Through the magazine and YouTube channel, she's one of the figures who addresses the scene from a completely different angle. We delve into where bouldering sits in the climbing scene as a whole, and the large and supportive community that has developed around the  Bouldering Dabrats channel.

But their inspiration was Bouldering Bobat, a YouTube channel with more than 25 million views. We have a refreshingly honest conversation with founder member Omar Bobat about the foundations of the channel, the larger community and how he found himself, perhaps unwittingly, at the vanguard of a new generation of climbers and boulderers. And be warned: No matter if your a runner, climber, mountaineer, you will be considering your own YouTube channel by the end... listen in.