Fix the Fells : Protecting the Lake District

Further. Faster. Podcast

Nov 25 2021 • 25 mins

Joanne Backshall and Steve Tonkin are the programme manager and digital lead for Fix the Fells. For 20 years, this organisation has made an astonishing impact helping to offset visitors’ impact on the Lake District fells. Just have a glance at the before and after photos on for the frankly jaw-dropping changes that have been made by this inspiring team.

Over the years, more than £10 million worth of donations have been made to help support this cause. This year, Montane are also donating money to Fix The Fells on Black Friday – instead embracing Green Friday. In addition to this, we also are matching funding people who raise funds for Fix The Fells when running theGeorge Fisher Tea Round. If you’ve not heard of the tea round, google it - you'll want to give it a try!

In this podcast they share the history of Fix the Fells, where it all began and what it’s all about. But most importantly they discuss what we can all do to help stop erosion, so we can maintain the biodiversity of the Lake District’s landscapes for future generations. Listen in.